Can We Be Happy ALL the Time?


Let’s face it. Happiness is awesome. In fact, almost NOTHING compares to that blissful satisfying “knowing” that life is great and that everything’s gonna be alright.

Some even believe that happiness is the whole purpose of our lives.

I don’t really know if I agree with that, but life certainly does seem to feel a whole lot better when we’re happy. It’s no wonder we crave it so much.

Unfortunately, we often look for it in all the wrong places. As conspiracy-theory wackos love to say –“it’s an inside job, man!” 

Turns out that biologically and neurologically speaking, humans aren’t wired to feel happy all the time.


How to Stop Feeling Bad

Wake up Superman!

I feel freaking GREAT! I think I may have finally found the perfect morning routine.


I’ve read a lot about different morning routines on the web, most of which included some type of exercise, breathing, meditation, affirmations, etc. I’ve tried most of them.

While it did make me feel good initially, after the novelty wore off, so did my motivation to continue…

I feel it is highly important to develop our own, original morning routine. Because once it’s our own, we value it a lot more and we’re much more likely to stick to it long term!


How to Heal Emotional Trauma

Sorry I havent been making any videos lately, I recently went through a really rough break up, the worst imaginable actually and I was just crushed… couldn’t eat or sleep for days, lost around 4kgs in one week, it has literally one of the most painful and silmotaneously eye opening experiences of my life.

It taught me a lot about myself, other people and life in general. This is why I want to dedicate this video to overcoming emotional trauma. I was surprised to find so many information on the internet that I believe is just plain wrong and doesn’t provide a long term solution to the problem.


How to Be Grateful