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I’d like to start this by asking you to, just for a few moments, become like a child again. Just for a few minutes, open your mind, set aside your critical thoughts, and let your imagination run free.

Imagine for a second, that everything you see around you – the nature, the buildings, animals, plants, roads, cars, planes, clouds, mountains, people… is all here, just for YOU.

Although seemingly very real, they are not as “real” as you are. Imagine that the only real character in this world is YOU. Everything else is merely “stuff” you get to interact with. Incredibly advanced holograms, if you will. How would that make you feel?

What if all the people you have ever known since your birth, all the people in your life right now, and all the people you will ever meet were not actually as “real” as you thought? What if everything you ever touched, smelled, felt, played with or built was here with purpose no other but to serve YOUR own expansion?

Could you ever prove this idea wrong? Theoretically, could you ever be absolutely certain that each individual subject has their own mind, their own life, even when you’re not around to witness it?

How would it feel to be a “God” of your own little universe? To know with absolute certainty that everything around you was conspired with friendliness to serve YOU and only YOU?

Would you ever feel envy, jealousy, hatred or a sense of worthlessness again when there is no one to compete with anymore? Perhaps you would feel lonely and isolated? Or maybe, for the first time in your life, you would feel truly free, unbound by petty concerns, infinite, and burning with excitement to try new things, knowing that all the judgment you were so scared of before, was now irrelevant.

Now let’s take this a step further.

What if your expansion was not only limited to positive experiences, but instead required you to break through unexpected, unplanned, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful obstacles in order to force you to evolve as a person? Would it still bother you as much, or would you now look at it as a challenge?

What if your every experience, be it pleasurable or painful, had a valuable lesson to teach you, if you only listened hard enough?

Thoughts like “why does this always happen to me?”, “will I ever be good enough?”, “what do other people think of me?”, “am I living the right way?” would become completely pointless and obsolete.

For a change, everything would make perfect sense, don’t you agree?

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