Are You Up For Sale?

A few weeks ago a weird thought occurred to me and I had to write it down.

I took my smartphone, fired up “Remember”, which is a native BlackBerry app for memos (I’m super alternative that way…) and wrote down:

Stop walking around like a made product and become a product in making.

This simple sentence, this seemingly “random and insignificant” thought turned out to be a huge fork in the road in my way of thinking.

I realised that a large part of my life was spent subconsciously comparing myself to others and societal norms of how a “successful” individual should or should not look like. 


The Power of Now – A Mind Trap

Stress kills or stress pills?

We’re all familiar with the constant, never ending mental chatter that goes on in our heads day in and day out, and many people have unsurprisingly come to believe that this is how it should be if we want to survive (let alone thrive) in this fast changing, constantly evolving jungle of digital information and “experts” pretending to understand it.


However, what we fail to realise is that this type of “mental chatter” can often rob us of something far more precious than staying on top of the latest trends and newest information – our peace of mind.


How to Stop Being Lazy

How to Learn 100% Faster

Thought experiment

one of many

I’d like to start this by asking you to, just for a few moments, become like a child again. Just for a few minutes, open your mind, set aside your critical thoughts, and let your imagination run free.

Imagine for a second, that everything you see around you – the nature, the buildings, animals, plants, roads, cars, planes, clouds, mountains, people… is all here, just for YOU.

Although seemingly very real, they are not as “real” as you are. Imagine that the only real character in this world is YOU. Everything else is merely “stuff” you get to interact with.


How to Lucid Dream (p2)

How to Lucid Dream (p1)