The Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever succeeded at something but felt like you didn’t really deserve it?

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Think about it.

Perhaps you were a very good student and you passed all exams with flying colors, but it was only because “the questions were far too easy, and you should have enrolled in a more competitive class anyway…”

Besides, you had supportive parents who raised you well and paid for your tuition. That’s an advantage most people don’t have, so it’s no wonder you did good. Right?

Or maybe you got into fitness and after a few years you got into the best shape of your life.


Is Self Development for Losers?

Warning – Is Self Help HARMFUL?


Self help is dangerous. And it may ruin your outlook on life. Forever. Getting overly dramatic now. Gonna stop.

It is no secret that the entire industry is becoming increasingly saturated with bullshit. It is continuously reshaping its original ideas and principles to meet the demands of the people who are prepared to pay money for the information they want to hear, not the information they need to hear.

This is normal, it is how the economy works in any industry, demand drives the supply.

If you think it is a weird coincidence that the Kardashians repeatedly hit the front pages of the most popular news magazines in the world, think again.


The #1 Secret to Success

Most people never define success for themselves, and therefore never really get anywhere. A person without goals is like a ship without a map, it’s not likely to get out of the harbour, and if it does, it’s likely to crash, burn and sink.

Success is a progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. – Earl Nightingale

The secret to success is comprised of 3 parts:

1) defining success for yourself and realising that society does have the power to define it for you if you won’t do it yourself

2) going after your dreams, quit analysing and start taking action to invoke the process of personal evolution and transformation

3) always giving your best.


How to Kill Your Comfort Zone