Warning – Is Self Help HARMFUL?


Self help is dangerous. And it may ruin your outlook on life. Forever. Getting overly dramatic now. Gonna stop.

It is no secret that the entire industry is becoming increasingly saturated with bullshit. It is continuously reshaping its original ideas and principles to meet the demands of the people who are prepared to pay money for the information they want to hear, not the information they need to hear.

This is normal, it is how the economy works in any industry, demand drives the supply.

If you think it is a weird coincidence that the Kardashians repeatedly hit the front pages of the most popular news magazines in the world, think again. We LOVE stupid shit. And we are prepared to pay good money for it.

Hey, let me ask you something…

  • Do you want to learn how to build a million dollar online business from the comfort of your home, buy your own private island in Fiji and have hot kinky sex with celebrities for the rest of your life in JUST 28 days?
  • Perhaps you want to get six pack abs, become ripped and be able to fight two fully grown African lions by doing simple, 3-minute-a-day exercises?
  • How about becoming an enlightened Zen master that even Buddha pales in comparison with, by practicing this new, never-before-seen secret meditation of the ancient forest gnomes?

Great news! For JUST $20 $9,99 you will gain access to unique, secret 17 page PDF manual explaining you, and 200,000 other suckers how to do just that!


Disclaimer: May not work for everyone. If you can't reach our customer service, please leave an e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as I remember my AOL password.

Please forgive the sarcasm, understand that I’m very emotional about this subject and I want to make my contribution to putting a stop to this cycle of mental masturbation.

Stop looking for shortcuts.

We are all inclined to look for the easy fix, the quick solution, the magic bullet. But this kind of thinking is inherently flawed. These things can never make us ultimately happy. They may bring us temporary joy and excitement, but they can NEVER bring us lasting fulfilment.

poorI’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again – happiness is in the creation process, it comes from growth and expansion. It is not a goal, not a destination, not something you can buy or sell.

Yet, there it is – ready for you to OWN it at your whim. 100% free of charge.

Of course, this simple truth may cause a slight inconvenience for most internet marketers. That’s why you don’t hear it very often. It is much more profitable to get you to think about your average, mediocre life and show you pictures of rich people on yachts, drinking mojitos, followed by a big shiny BUY NOW button.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all self help content is like this, because it is not. However, this does not make the issue any less dangerous. There is plenty of good, no-fluff material out there but you often have to dig through tons of shit in order to find it.

As I said in the beginning, the problem is NOT the crappy, misleading information. The problem is OUR MINDSET. This is what CREATED the situation. And in order for it to change, we have to change our thoughts.

Become comfortable with discomfort. Try shit. You think trying is risky? Wait until they hand you the bill for not trying. Don’t wait for the winning lottery ticket to magically appear on your desk. Stretch yourself. Fall down. Get up. See how far you will go!


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To your success,
Dino Čagalj

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One thought on “Warning – Is Self Help HARMFUL?

  1. Really enjoyed this Dino and I totally agree. I get fed up of seeing jerks on YouTube adverts selling some BS course while they’re on a yatch or lounging by the pool of their supposed million dollar home. The message is clear, buy my course and you will end of with these material prizes – look what I’ve got, I’m so amazing!
    What I want to know is why owning a Ferrari or having a house with a pool is seen as the pinnacle of achievement? How about having a positive impact or breaking down some societal barriers?
    Anyway, I concur – there are no short cuts in the self-help game.

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